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Governor Goals 2017-2018

At the beginning of the Calendar Year in San Diego, incoming Governors spend time looking at what they hope to achieve in their year of office and transferring those into goals. This involves lengthy discussions and diverse approaches from the different nationalities and cultures at the table.

From those discussions and considerations of the things that make our District what it is, these are my Goals for the coming year.

Building Our Clubs

The clubs are our major resource. If we are to continue to serve, they must be sustainable and provide continuity. We need to know where we want to go and how we propose to get there. The District already has the Rotary Leadership Institute, providing Rotary knowledge to new members, and Club Visioning, the first step in building a Club Plan. There are also resources available to assist clubs in creating and developing their bylaws and systems.

Undertaking and participating in more International Projects

We are fortunate in having three developing countries in our District enabling us to undertake international projects in district.

However, there are needs all around the world and opportunities to work with Clubs from other countries and encounter the internationality of Rotary.

Working with overseas Clubs on projects brings a different perspective and builds Rotary friends and relationships globally.

We will aid Clubs and enable them to be involved in a variety of international projects and within the world of Rotary.

Focusing on the Peace Centre at the University of Queensland

We are also very fortunate to host one of the six Rotary Peace Centres within our District.

The peace fellows are an impressive group of people and we will endeavor to involve them in District activities and expand the opportunity for members to meet and interact with them and the University.

Connecting with Future Generations

For many years we have had Interact Clubs and in the last two years have re-established Rotaract within the District. Rotary has also made it easier to transition from Rotaract to Rotary but we understand the need for a process to be available. It is imperative that a process be developed for this to happen.

Supporting the Rotary Foundation

The Foundation is the engine that drives Rotary in many areas of service. However, we do not take advantage of the opportunities it provides. We need to encourage Clubs to use the Foundation to carry out more projects whether they be international or district grants.

By seeing the Foundation working it will also encourage more members to become contributors, which in turn will enable us to carry out more projects.

District Governor John and Bo, with RI President Ian Riseley and Juliet at the International Assembly in San Diego USA January 2017